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News > 03/2021

Keep it Safe & Simple with Bolzoni Silver Line

Bolzoni Auramo: Green fingers for your flowers and plants handling

One common challenge among all industries is to manage the growing demand for handling materials quickly, efficiently and at a low cost.
SILVER LINE by Bolzoni is a range of reliable and cost-effective clamps suitable for applications in many industries, particularly where lift truck operators require attachments having simple performance at a low cost.

Fit for harsh handling applications

Waste paper bale handling is generally harsher than any other bale handling operation, and attachments often need increased protection against wear and tear, and all moving and hydraulic components must be well protected against hitting and dropping objects.

According to Luigi Rebecchi, SILVER LINE Sales Specialist in the Bolzoni Group, "The Bolzoni SILVER LINE bale clamps represent the solution to heavy-duty handling needs. For example, in the paper industry - such as small and big Kraft paper mills and printers – the demand is to get robust and performing attachments, which endure the task". "When our customers ask for robust and low-cost attachments", explains Luigi Rebecchi, "we offer the Silver Line attachments range, because of its unique added value: attachments are brand new and at a competitive price."
This aspect is particularly important, when it comes to equip a full forklift truck fleet, as the total cost of ownership is paramount. In facts, thanks to the proven and high tensile aluminum profiles, reversible and interchangeable with wear resistant plastic inserts, these attachments are designed for full-maintenance and fleet operations, with an optimized TCO (total cost of ownership).

"Lately, we have been in touch with a big waste paper industry in Malaysia with a large flt fleet, in need of easy to maintain clamps, suitable for working in tough conditions. The SILVER LINE bale clamp convinced the customer".
"SILVER LINE fork and bale clamps are reliable products, at an extremely reasonable price" says Mr. Paolo Chiesi, Managing Director at Bolzoni Italia Srl, in Prato." and in case of heavy-duty applications, we first offer SILVER LINE clamps."
"Lately, we have been in contact with a large plant nursery. The end user is an important Italian company, cultivating on large scale trees and flowers for the wholesale" continues Paolo Chiesi "The fleet of 40 fork lift trucks is working in tough conditions and the environment is not clean. The handling is most of the time outdoors. We offered the SILVER LINE fork clamp. The end user followed our advice and he has now equipped its fleet with 18 units."

Bolzoni Auramo: Green fingers for your flowers and plants handling


The forklift truck attachment range, first introduced in 2015, has now been expanded to include more parallel clamp models and is now listing: Bale Clamps, Fork Clamps, Multipurpose Clamps and Carton Clamps to handle unpalletized loads, 360-degree rotation Paper Roll Clamps and Lift Tables.
For more information on SILVER LINE forklift truck attachments, get in touch with Luigi Rebecchi, Silver Line Specialist inside the Bolzoni Group. Ask him about our references on SILVER LINE attachments, or to organize a demo unit at your facilities.